Word Of The Editor-In-Chief: About Unusual Foreshortenings

Published by bloggystle777 @ July 6th at 7:50pm

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Word Of The Editor-In-Chief: About Unusual Foreshortenings

From a basket of the balloon it is well visible that mountains infinitely big, and daily problems to imperceptible small.

— Wow what the house is? That, with red walls, stained glass windows, round windows from above? Pipes stick out, smoke. Plant, perhaps, some?

— In the center of Moscow the plant working? Faugh. Let's google: "GES-1 — the oldest operating thermal power plant in Russia, supplies with thermal energy the Kremlin, the State Duma, the Old and Lubyansk areas".

— It is necessary, beautiful what.

— Wait, you worked with a row, for certain went by her every day. Also didn't know?

— Yes somehow I didn't pay attention … We will go from a stern we will look!

It is worth falling by three meters from the sidewalk on the deck of the river tram — and you become a tourist in the hometown. From below buildings look unusually as if flaunt, having assumed a dignified air and inviting to learn them closer. You have similar feeling, examining streets from height. You look down as if on the satellite map, you learn familiar places and you think of them: "What there, interestingly, is given in the House of music?" or "It is necessary to reach, at last, to updated Big". And so just would pass by.

A lot of things depend on a foreshortening, or, perhaps, on the point of view. Therefore in "Round the world" I with great pleasure I read articles about the countries in which I was: I look for in them a special, author's look


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