Why It Is Impossible To Ignore Children's Crying At All

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Why It Is Impossible To Ignore Children's Crying At All

Of course, most of mothers and fathers right there reacts to crying of their newborn baby. But imagine that parents have decided not to fuss at each sound which is made by the baby. Suddenly it is just whims, manipulation and in general — will cry and will calm down. But actually this way you shouldn't act at all, and on it there are some of very serious reasons.

We will tell you to what consequences he can give ignoring of children's crying in early age.

By researchers from Yale University and the Harvard medical school it has been established that the intensive stress in the first months of life leads to the functional changes in a brain similar to that which are characteristic of the adults having a depression.

The constant stress creates conditions for damage of synapses — places of contact between two neurons, or cells of a brain which transfer, process and store information. And violation of neural communications in turn influences further development of a brain. The first year of life of the child is especially important as at this time there is a rapid growth of a brain: in a year it on average increases by 3 times.

Besides, stress hormone cortisol which surplus leads to destruction of neurons is released, and consequences of it can be shown not at once, and at later age.


Why it is impossible to ignore children's crying at all


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The constant stress at early age has also negative effect on development of children's intelligence. According to the research conducted in the USA, systematic long ignoring of crying of the baby can lead to cognitive violations in the future.

It has become clear that children who often and uncontrolledly cried in the first 3 months of life at the age of 5 years have lower IQ (on average 9 points lower in comparison with control group) and the worst indicators of development of small motility.


Why it is impossible to ignore children's crying at all


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Presently this syndrome meets not so seldom, and, according to scientists, it can be connected with uncontrolled crying in the first months of life. In article published in the Pediatrics magazine it is said that such problems as difficulties with training at school and antisocial behavior, can be caused by lack of reaction from parents to crying of the child at infantile age.

Authors of work have come to a conclusion that the risk of development of ADHD in children whose crying was ignored by parents, increases by 10 times. Agree, figure more than impressive, and to this opinion definitely it is worth listening.


Why it is impossible to ignore children's crying at all


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As we already mentioned, uncontrolled crying in the first months of life exerts impact on development of a brain. Especially it concerns those his zones which are responsible for emotions: they don't develop properly therefore the child risks to grow up impulsive, inclined to violence and incapable to create emotional affection for parents and other people.

According to doctor Dr. Allan Schore, the careful and responsible parent stimulates with the attitude towards the child at that development of the zones of a brain responsible for attachment and emotional wellbeing.

Also increased aggression at some adults can be a consequence of excess production of adrenaline at early age when they were left for a long time crying alone.


Why it is impossible to ignore children's crying at all


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According to one more research, short-term crying at night without the serious reason (for example, such as gripes or heat) is a normal phenomenon, and the best that parents in this case can make — to allow the child to have a good cry and again to fall asleep.

Thus the kid will learn to calm down independently, without expecting the immediate help of parents, and as a result both the child, and mother with the father will better sleep at night. Certainly, it doesn't mean at all that the child has to cry all night long: to ignore it it is simply irresponsible.

And what opinion on children's crying you hold? Or, maybe, you have a special way to quickly calm the kid? Tell us about it in comments.

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