When I Have Learned That The Girlfriend Has Sent To Walk 3-Year-Old Twins On The Street Of One, I Was Frightened, And Then …

Published by contentmonster @ March 27th at 4:59pm

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When I Have Learned That The Girlfriend Has Sent To Walk 3-Year-Old Twins On The Street Of One, I Was Frightened, And Then …

I have gathered somehow on a visit to the schoolmate – Lenka. Have faced accidentally in the subway, but didn't see by that moment of 12 years – from school. She lived to Chertanovo – but I promised to escape on Sunday. Also I have arrived.

I have come into an entrance, I have risen by the 4th floor, I have called – and I was received with open arms and the laid table. Have got to talking. It has appeared – she is happily married (the husband is a translator in some cool firm, just England was away so nobody prevented to stir to us.) Both children – the boy and the girl, and twins, for 3 years to everyone. Only in their apartment wasn't.

— And where you have put children, Lenk? – I have asked a question. – Perhaps, has given to the grandmother?

— Why to the grandmother? – the girlfriend was surprised. – In the yard walk!

— Yes you that? I want to look! – I have lit up. – And with whom walk? — Yes with a dog — Lenka has smiled.

— How with a dog? – I have grown cold. – Here, to Chertanovo??? You have told, him for 3 years!

sure. Have gone to a balcony – now itself you will see.

And we came to a balcony from where the view of the small, but quite decent equipped court yard on the one hand coming to an arch opened, and with the second – to the road. In his center, between a swing, there was a sandbox. And in her two her kids pottered. And nearby I lay, having put a muzzle on paws, the HUGE English mastiff.

— And it is our Max. In him 95 cm of growth in withers and 135 kg of weight — right there were confidentially reported by Lenka.

And here the girl playing with a sovochok has suddenly thrown him and has trotted to the road. With the cars passing on her. At me inside everything has grown cold once again. Well, the dog can protect – and how cars??? But I haven't managed to shout.

When to the carriageway remained meters 7-8, the dog пружинисто has got up on paws, has made ONE long creeping jump and it has appeared near the child. Then has slightly inclined the head, I have accurately taken the girl teeth for a kapyushonchik, I have raised above the ground and, despite of her protests, I have brought back in a sandbox and I have occupied a former pose – the head on paws.

— Now has understood? – laughing, Lenka has asked.

I have understood. Because with such security guard and "nurse" of children it was possible to leave not only to Chertanovo, but also, probably, in Harlem.

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