"vas, Take Me For Easter Home, Take Me, The Sonny …"

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"vas, Take Me For Easter Home, Take Me, The Sonny …"

— You, take me for Easter home, take me, the sonny. I will lean somewhere in a corner, in a mouth a scarf not to cough, and I will stay several days in a home where also walls treat. I won't sustain here.

— You, father as child. Heat to you, purely, is you have, from the house I will bring something, I will buy drugs.

— I don't want to eat, Vasya, I wasn't at home year — old Pyotr tries to glance to the son in eyes. — I remained in chamber, all were taken away home.

— Well, well, till holidays four more days … I will take away.

Vasily has turned away to a window, and the pleased Pyotr has started walking on chamber, telling the son that it is already much better for him. Having remained alone, I have looked in a window. Spring … weeping willows which someone has put on the hospital yard were dismissed and have turned green. Everywhere it is so silent.

— After all not all are taken away by the family for holidays, there are seriously ill patients and those who have nobody. The loneliness has started over again shrouding Pyotr and to squeeze violently in a breast. — How to sustain four more days? When I arrive home, at once I will go to the cemetery to Maria. Maria, my heart is broken off at the thought that you are absent. Easy clouds float and float the blue sky, accumulate, turn pale, and are suddenly lost in infinity. White covers on hospital beds, the smell of drugs and silence, violently oppresses, exsanguinate to a shower, torn on the native yard where the primrose has appeared.



— My God, My God, return me home, the pine at a gate rustles and from grief about me you turn gray Maryino a grave, return me per day — two, and then do with me that you want — Pyotr whispers, choking with cough.

— Verochka, I will bring the father for holidays home — Vasily has beggarly glanced in the wife's eyes, having tried to embrace her for shoulders. The belief has nervously led a shoulder and was released from embraces. — You know that your father is suffering from tuberculosis and can infect all family.

— But the doctor has told that he doesn't allocate tubercular sticks long ago. Therefore doesn't constitute danger to people which surrounds him.

— Do you trust doctors? I at all any more to nobody and nothing trust. These physicians understand nothing now. Unless the doctor supports us? It is more than patients — more money. Do you want to doom us to an eternal disease and death?

The belief has become silent and till the evening hasn't mentioned not a word with Vasily, and at night long cried, plaintively saying that Vasily doesn't love it. He pressed the wife to a breast, kissed the person, wet from tears, apologized and once again repeated that nothing happens to the father if remains for holidays in hospital.

On Saturday Pyotr didn't depart from a window. With pain I looked at the sun, moved the sky, and on leaflets, were tied in kidneys, on green sprouts of a grass, reached for light, and on beautiful young storks who turned very high.

— Till the evening still far, you will arrive, the sonny, for me, you will arrive, Vasya. Somewhere church the Shroud was removed. Maria since Friday on Saturday always all night long sat at the Shroud.

— For what us, Jesus, have crucified? — Pyotr loudly has told. — For our our sins, but not for yours because You were innocent. It is innocent, and I have died in such torments that us, guilty to save. What inhuman torments You suffered. Forgive me that I complain, and don't leave me, don't leave me. I heard how the doctor said to the son that he allows to take me for several days home that I am not infectious any more.

The sun has begun to droop, sending the last beams to young kroner. Have brought a dinner — milk porridge, tea and a piece of bread.

— And you why home were taken away? — the elderly woman who has brought food has sympathetically looked at the patient. I haven't answered because the regret has squeezed a spasm a throat. When she has come to take away ware after a while, has seen that he hasn't touched food. Having heaved a deep sigh, I have incurred everything on kitchen. Pyotr for a moment has felt presence at chamber presence of the died wife Maria. This feeling was such strong that he has nearly fainted. In a breast banged desperately, the world somehow has strange shaken, and the look couldn't leave a weeping willow, she has so sadly lowered the fine blossoming branches. I have nestled a hot cheek on a cold pillow and I have so lain till the morning, without having closed an eye. Month I looked in a big window, hiding behind clouds, coming up because of them, I threw the cold reflection on the pale, exhausted with a disease person and on dry shining eyes in which the inexpressible melancholy was reflected.

Early in the morning for Easter Vasily with Vera and eight-year-old Roman have gone to church. After a mass I wanted to go to hospital, but I have come to visit — a verina relatives. By the evening all sat at a rich holiday table, congratulating each other on the Holiday, sang "to Christ Voskresa!".

Vasily has felt such indescribable grief in a breast, hasn't sustained and has gone outside. The church rang honor of a holiday, and grief I developed into terrible mental anguish, I chafed heart. I have remembered how once, for Easter, the ten-year-old boy I lay after operation on appendicitis in intensive care unit. To him none of the family were let in, but the father has staid all day under a window. He smiled the Cornflower weepingly, molded from plasticine of animals and showed him. The doctor drove away the father from a window, he departed, again came back and stood until the Cornflower hasn't fallen asleep. Having woken up at dawn next day, the boy has again seen the father who looked in a window. Still doesn't know where then the father spent the night …

Having seen off guests, Vasily sadly sat about an hour more, and then has gone to bed. But I couldn't fall asleep. The belief nestled on him, kissed and hotly whispered that it loves him. In the morning, preparing for the father a bag with food, I have put tasty sausage, expensive candies and several best tangerines there. Vasily felt devastated by it, almost didn't hear her words. In hospital has been struck with silence that has come in corridors. I didn't begin to wait for the elevator, I have run on a ladder on the seventh floor.

The fatherly bed was empty, only springs blackened, sharply contrasting with linen of the laid beds. Hardly rearranging heavy legs, Vasily has approached the duty nurse. Without waiting for a question, she has said in low tones that nobody expected it. The extensive heart attack has broken off the father's heart for Easter.

— Did everything possible, but, unfortunately …

Also I have become silent …

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