Trump Has Forced Europe "to Cave In" Under The Usa

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Trump Has Forced Europe "to Cave In" Under The Usa

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After Trump's announcement of an exit of the USA from the agreement with Iran in the European Union the alarm has begun: Washington has defiantly shown absolute indifference to the interests of allies. The possibility of work of the European business in Iran is blocked, the European companies have to leave Iran within 180 days.


Those who won't obey will be placed on the sanctions list. The U.S. Department of the Treasury will forbid the American legal entities and individuals to run with them business, and their dollar calculations will be blocked. And the echo of orders of occupational commandant's offices of times of World War II is heard: "For cooperation with guerrillas – the death penalty through hanging!"


Most of all the Germans who were actively developing economic relations with IRI after the conclusion in 2015 of "the nuclear transaction" were indignant with it. However, that Germans didn't forget who is who, the new ambassador of the USA in Germany Richard Grenell after the arrival in Berlin has placed the announcement on Twitter at once: "The German business has to stop work with Iran immediately". It is free interpretation of installations of Washington, but similar incidents happen often.


First in the German business community have rebelled. The union of the German industrialists (BDI) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) have shown discontent and have appealed to the government and European Commission to protect their business with Iran. Though the German export to Iran makes only 0.2% of the total amount of export of Germany, but since 2015 he quickly grew and has reached 3 billion euros in 2017, having increased by 17% in comparison with previous year. The new horizons of cooperation, but now, according to the president of BDI Dieter Kemp opened, prospects became gloomy. The head of the Union of the German industrialists has suggested the European Union to address Russia and China for coordination of efforts on rescue at least of a part of the transaction with Iran.


And the combative CEO of the German union of mechanicians WDMA Thilo Brodtmann considers that it isn't necessary to be given at all. "The EU itself inflicted sanctions on Iran in compliance with the resolution of UNSC and cancelled them. Therefore so far the EU won't return to the sanctions against Iran, continuation of business is possible", – Brodtmann considers. The serious blow is struck to his branch: last year the German industry exported to Iran of machines and the equipment almost for 1 billion euros, and in plans delivery of cars, medicines, cars to 10 billion euros appeared. Airbus has the contract with Iran for production of 95 planes, this transaction should be cancelled too. Besides the begun increase in prices for oil creates danger of economic braking for Germany.


The similar picture is observed also in other European countries. The public and business expect from heads of quite certain actions. The European Union leaders in a difficult situation: transatlantic partnership begins to crack.


At the EU summit in Sofia on May 17 the lack of expression of indignation of Europeans wasn't. "With such friends no enemies are necessary", – the president of the EU Council Donald Tusk has bravely said, and the French finance minister Bruno Le Mer has tragically questioned: Whether "We want to be vassals of the USA and to submit to them, having extended hands on seams?" The chancellor Angela Merkel has sadly repeated more than once her told: "We will go some other way".


However in process of discussion by participants of the summit of specific actions the fighting heat has begun to fall down. Eventually everything was limited on the practical level to what Emmanuelle Macron has told about: "We will work for preservation of a framework of the agreement with Iran regardless of the decision of the USA. More specifically, giving political support and providing a possibility of presence of our companies, but also inducing all parties to continue negotiations on necessary wider agreement".



Trump has forced Europe


Whether will only be from it to use much? It is possible to call reaction "Technical measures" on which have decided in European Commission won. The USA, as before, can do everything that to them will take in head on the international scene, and Europe needs only to take it into consideration. Full compensation of losses of the European business connected with Iran is impossible. "We shouldn't deceive ourselves illusions concerning all volume of activity of the USA", – Angela Merkel has commented. In other words, it is better for companies which don't want troubles to leave Iran.


In the business world such words shouldn't be repeated twice. Right there the large Danish company cargo carrier Maersk Line announced an exit from the Iranian business. After her I announced the French power giant Total working at the most perspective oil and gas field South Pars in the Persian Gulf it. The reason – lack of guarantees of protection of investments of Total and inability of the EU to protect the interests of the company. Siemens has also crawfished, having declared that trade with the United States is more important for it. To same also the Chinese oil concern PetroChina prepares.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung I summarized a situation: "Yes, it is blackmail when Trump threatens the European enterprises with a penalty for cooperation with Iran. However the real policy assumes consciousness of a real situation. The dependence on dollar is even more, than trade with America, and business with Iran in comparison with them is insignificant. We can't risk wellbeing of our fellow citizens. Besides America remains the most important trade partner of Europe".



Trump has forced Europe


At the EU summit in Sofia everything has ended as had to end. Donald Trump has easily broken Europeans. "We have no legal opportunities to protect the interests against actions of the USA", – the Minister of Economics of Germany Peter Altmeier has melancholically noticed.


In a word, all in the spirit of the European tradition: at first Europeans pathosly call for protection of the advantage and, gathered in small groups, hypnotize each other heroic poses, and the chief comes then and disperses all of them on houses. Only and all.


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