Today On One Single Prince In The World There Was Less, But There Are 7 More Occasions Not To Be Upset

Published by contentmonster @ June 28th at 11:10am

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Today On One Single Prince In The World There Was Less, But There Are 7 More Occasions Not To Be Upset

Today one single prince in the world will become less: Harry marries Meagen. But all free girls dreaming to get married to the heir apparent shouldn't be upset. Eventually, circulation of princes in the nature — the phenomenon constant: one marry, others grow up.

We have decided to learn what young people of royal blood aren't married yet. And to be convinced that everyone has a chance, we will remember history of prince Harry and Meagen Markl.

It indeed so: it is possible to become the wife of the prince almost happy-go-lucky. As tell Harry and Meagen in the interview, they have got acquainted on an appointment blindly. It had accepted Violet von Westencholz, the aristocrat, the friend of the actress and the close girlfriend of the prince.

Meagen, of course, knew who such Harry. She admires the princess Diana, and the thought of a meeting with her son has interested the girl. Harry didn't represent who such Meagen. He didn't watch "force majeurs", and other works of the young actress aren't so known.

The appointment has taken place well, and young people have spoken all evening. They said goodbye for a while, deciding where they will go together tomorrow. Then there was a travel to Botswana, an engagement, and now a royal wedding.

But we won't be about sad for those who would like to see themselves on Meagen's place. We will focus on free princes.

Today in this guy it is difficult to recognize that little boy who held a hem of a dress of Kate Middleton at a wedding of the second cousin prince William. Now to Arthur Chato, the grandson of the princess Margaret, 18 years, and he is the only unmarried applicant for the British throne. However, the 23rd in turn.

To the crown prince of Dubai 35 years, but yet he has no wife or the girl. He is called one of the most enviable bachelors on the planet. Still, all at him: both title, and wealth, and good education, and outstanding external data. The prince loves active sports, is engaged in a falconry and holds houses not of absolutely ordinary pets — lions and tigers so his future girl, probably, has to be an aelurophile.

To the prince of Brunei 26 years, and he the 4th in turn on a throne. Abdul Matin studied in Great Britain, has the master's degree in the field of arts. Knows English, French, Italian and Arab languages, plays a polo. In 2016 he has been recognized as the most enviable groom in the world. Still, it is worth looking at his photo. By the way, this prince chooses unusual pets too — at his place there lives a tiger cub, and in Instagram there are a lot of pictures together with this charming animal.

23-year-old Hussein is the crown prince of Jordan. Recently he has graduated from military academy in Great Britain, and before studied the international history in Washington. The prince is keen on soccer, boxing and extreme sports. In 2015 he became the most young man in the history who has headed the UN Security Council. Very purposeful young man.

If you hesitate between desires to meet model and to marry the prince, perhaps, once you look narrowly at Nikolay, the prince of Denmark because he and the heir apparent, and on the London fashion week came to a podium. He is 18 years old, and he the 7th in turn on the Danish throne.


Today on one single prince in the world there was less, but there are 7 more occasions not to be upset


© Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg / Facebook

The 26-year-old prince — the 5th in turn on a throne. Sebastian Lyuksemburgsky knows 5 languages: the English, German, French, Spanish and native Luxembourg. Now he studies marketing in the USA, and from his hobbies it is possible to allocate mountaineering, skiing and travel. With such versatily developed young man definitely is what to talk about.

This nice 19-year-old blonde won't ascend to a throne of Greece, since 1974 it became the republic, and now he has only a courtesy title. Konstantin-Alexios studies the right in Georgetown University in Washington now, and approximately in a year he will gain the diploma. Even in spite of the fact that with a royal title at him it hasn't developed, he definitely will be able to earn a living with such good education.

As you can see, free princes still are enough, and theoretically each girl has a chance to become the heroine of a fantastic love story. Only you remember that well-groomed appearance, the good education and erudition increase chances of success.

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