The Sent Cossack, Or Problems With Arithmetics?

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The Sent Cossack, Or Problems With Arithmetics?

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In the evening on Tuesday, May 15 the fraction of United Russia in full strength met Alexey Kudrin. At a meeting the decision to propose the candidate for the former minister for a post of the head of Audit Chamber has been made.


Presently to what it isn't necessary to be surprised, but everything has to have borders. The free press has published article "Kudrin: Russia should work for dollar".


I, as well as all my acquaintances, consider that Russia has to work for increase in welfare of the citizens, but not for strengthening of dollar therefore has decided to give some comments about the statements of mister Kudrin.


"It is clear that Russia wins not first place on investments into bonds of the U.S. Government but only the sixteenth. And our 96 billion, are not one trillion dollars which has enclosed China in the American assets".


The head of the Audit Chamber has to know at least arithmetics. Russia has invested 96 billion dollars in the American papers. It is 10.4 times less than has enclosed China in the American candy wrappers. But everything in the world is relative. If to make recalculation of the invested money for one citizen, the situation will look on another.


Number the population of Russia for January 1, 2018 according to Rosstat was 146 880 432 permanent residents. That is to fall on each inhabitant 658 dollars. The population of China in May, 2018 is 1 396 870 036 people. 716 dollars are the share of one inhabitant, or is only 8% more, than on the Russian.


In 2014 813 dollars frozen in the American papers were the share of each resident of Russia.




The sent Cossack, or problems with arithmetics?


"There is no alternative to investments in the American securities for today. Such position at a meeting with deputies of the State Duma was stated by the former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin recommended recently for a post of the chairman of Audit Chamber".


I would suggest to make a natural experiment, but hardly Alexey will agree to him therefore imitating Vladimir Vladimirovich, I will retell an old joke.


After ship-wreck the banker and the passenger of the third class the Tambov peasant have got on the desert island. The banker had a suitcase with money, and the resident of Tambov has a holdall with fat. The starving banker thinking kind of to entice a piece of fat at the resident of Tambov, has suggested him to play the market. It as was asked by the peasant. You will be a seller, and I the buyer have told the banker. He has well heard in reply. The peasant cut off a thin piece of fat and has put it on a stone. The banker approaches and asks: "How much fat?" One piece, one suitcase of money, he has heard in reply. Why it is so expensive? You walk on the market, maybe, you will find cheaper?


On April 13, 2018 RIA Novosti have reported that "The restrictions for the content of toxins planned in the EU in fertilizers which are designed to protect human health according to The Daily Telegraph, can give to Russia "the actual monopoly" in this market and the power over food resources of Europe"


"In the European Commission as writes the edition, the final phase of negotiations on restriction in fertilizers of amount of cadmium which, according to researches, causes refusal of bodies and infertility and also leads to arthritis started".


Theoretically, Russia can receive "the actual monopoly" in the market of food, but the western politicians will allow to die to the population rather, than to allow such situation. Good information work is necessary. Not all Europeans know that cadmium, according to researches, causes refusal of bodies and infertility and also leads to arthritis. Besides the most part of Russia is in a zone of risky agriculture, and for monopolization of the market it is necessary to have the guaranteed deliveries of food. For this purpose it is necessary to create conditions for moisture accumulation in droughty areas, living conditions for employees are higher, than in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also to create the storages allowing in years with rather big crops to create long-term stocks for maintenance of the food price, steadily favorable to Russia.


For monopolization of the food market of 96 billion dollars there isn't a lot of, but further it can lead to replacement of dollar by grain ruble.

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