The Most Extraordinary Questions At Employment

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The Most Extraordinary Questions At Employment

The Forbes magazine has learned from headhunters what most unexpected tests can expect applicants at employment and as it is correct to react to them. It is possible to try, of course, the happiness in hope for the correct answer whether but I would advise to address to help advice center for workers and employers to specify in general take place to be such questions at employment. )))

A problem for bankers the Test: At reception to the analyst's position in one of the largest Russian investment banks to the applicant suggest to solve a difficult problem. "One person lives on the 13th floor, but on the elevator rises to the 12th, further walks. When goes down the elevator, from the 13th. Why?».
Purpose: In this case it is important to headhunter to learn not so much the correct solution of a task how many to hear as the potential analyst argues as he isn't afraid to think aloud. Correct answer: Answer to a task such: "The person — the child! He just doesn't reach the button 13".

Puzzle for konsalter theTest: In one of the Russian consulting companies on interviews ask such question: "There is a firm on production of sneakers. In Russia and Congo there is about one factory where make the same model. At both factories steal "blackly". How to make so that the personnel have ceased to steal, without resorting to any personnel changes?" 

Purpose: To check sharpness of the candidate. Correct answer: It is necessary to transfer production of the left sneaker to Russia, and right — to Congo. In this case won't steal sense.

Questions of food Test: Choosing new employees, personnel officers of the American Internet service provider Bandwith. com can take an interest what piece of kitchen utensils the candidate would like to be. Can also ask the applicant what he will prepare if representatives of employer come to him for a dinner.
Purpose: Similar questions are directed to looking how the person behaves in unusual situations. Correct answer: The most correct when considering the answer — to be oneself, headhunters advise. It is possible to answer such loaded questions differently. "I want to be a pan in a floret", "I love a trout in creamy sauce" or "Your question is incorrect, I won't begin to answer". Any of these answers will approach.

Direct question on the juicy subject Test: A typical question in the company of any specialization to the female applicant: "When you are going to give birth to the child?".
Correct answer: Opinions of professionals of HR departments disperse. One advise honestly to call approximate time of a maternity leave, others — it is simple to answer "No comments".

The test for flatterers the Test: On the end of an interview HR managers of the American office of Kraft Foods (the second-large concern in the world on production of the packed food) say: "And now estimate me as interviewer on a scale from 1 to 10".
Purpose: Most often such offer causes confusion. One business — to estimate work of the car mechanic on a call from the dealer center, and absolutely — to look another in the face to the person on whom the further career depends and to say to him that he with his questions wasn't pleasant to you. Headhunters admit that a similar question they check the applicant for courage. Correct answer: From what will be done by the applicant — to flatter, having exposed "ten", or will honestly express the opinion — the result of an interview depends.

Hearing check Test: At inclusion in Haas Business School at UC Berkeley of future students ask to write the composition on the subject "My Favourite Song". The genre can be chosen any — though heavy metal though to the classic. The main thing in the answer — explain why this song favourite and what in it is pleasant to you. On an interview in the LivingSocial company (the American discount service) not only ask about the favourite song, but also ask her to execute. And in the company about production of computers of Dell ask such question: "What songs best of all characterize your professional ethics?"
Purpose: Special attention of headhunters to music is explained by what in the song by people reveals quicker and in the best way. Test for kleptomaniacs Test: Whether "You sometime stole handles at work?" — ask on an interview in the Jiffy Software company (one of world leaders in the sphere of creation of mobile applications). Correct answer: Honesty in this case — the best option. "Handles from work I will also take Beru. For what they are still necessary?!" — quite admissible answer to such question.

Why we have to hire you? Test: An obvious and important question on an interview, but always for some reason causing the mixed feelings: "What can you be useful to our company?"
Purpose: In this case from you want to hear not the laudatory song of the company and not about what you the remarkable professional.
Correct answer: Argue on how you plan to develop in this company and that is ready to be done for her development.

Test by a stress Test: Employees pass stressful interviews in the Russian office of the express company Neppost. At first interviews keep waiting for them one and a half-two hours, and then can still suggest to wash the floor or the dishes. Purpose: Headhunters explain: thus lose to future courier a situation which he can face subsequently, train him for communication with those who treat service personnel with disrespect.
Correct answer: If to the applicant roughness not to liking, he leaves an interview. But if the situation doesn't confuse, he washes the floor and. . . receives the courier's position. Short digression to policy Test: "How you think what has happened to this country in ten years?" — such question can be asked easily at the Russian office of one of the largest consulting companies.
Purpose: Be not frightened if you hear such question, it is not examination in political science yet. Just the employer wishes to check how quickly you will be able "to switch" brains and to support a subject of any provocative conversation. Ideal world Test: In the Novell IT company on an interview ask such question: "How people would communicate in the ideal world?" Correct answer: The main thing — not to be silent, and to try to dream at least, headhunters advise.

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