The Mat In One Course – The West Has Lost Information "war" With Russia

Published by contentmonster @ July 21st at 10:36am

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The Mat In One Course – The West Has Lost Information "war" With Russia

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Such friends with whom and enemies aren't necessary exist. It is common truth. As such "friend" Ukraine for the West has acted, having conceived and having carried out enormous foolishly, meanness and negligibility a buffoonery with "Babchenko's business". "Nezalezhny" not only I have hammered really the last nail into own coffin - she also I have started up to nothing all those enormous efforts and means. which have been enclosed by "the collective West" for discredit of Russia recently.


The most decent epithet which it is possible to express an emotional condition of "all civilized world" after it has become clear that Kiev manipulated more than a day his consciousness is unless "has become stupid". The civilized world very much whether you know, doesn't love when it is fooled - especially, so stupidly, clumsily and cynically. He takes offense... And business here even not only and not just in extremely sharp reaction of a number of the international organizations and diplomatic missions. For the civilized world is available whether you know, such piece as public opinion. And if it is traditional to take media for his loud-hailer, then affairs at Ukraine aren't simply bad - worse than ever. We will be run quickly according to pages of the leading world media. What is written? What is told? How do estimate "a great creative" of Ukraine concerning the killed - not killed Babchenko?! So...


Edward Lucas, The Times, Britain: "Rumors about Arkady Babchenko's death have been strongly exaggerated... Free society directly depends on trust of people. The same focuses undermine confidence - whether it be at home or on the international scene. The one who observes ridiculous events of this week from outside can quite conclude that Ukraine looks like the banana republic more, than on the reliable partner. The Kiev operetta will be able to play to the country bad service."


Neil Markfarkukhar, The New York Times, USA: "After the forged murder of the journalist in Ukraine mra5k it is condensed... the country slides in the gloom and chaos turned upside down in which Ukraine, it seems, specializes..."


And from The New York Times, from other article: "The Ukrainian authorities, undoubtedly, have provided a forage to theorists of a plot and cynical oprovergatel of "false news" around the world. One can be told for certain: The Kremlin will use this official deception to show what his enemies can go to soil Russia."


Sean Walker, The Guardian, Britain: "I will be in the future more careful. I have already learned not to trust information of the Ukrainian authorities on the war in Donbass, but believed that something like such official confirmation - it is reliable..."


Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg, USA: "Spectacular return of Babchenko from the next world will undermine belief of world media in any proofs provided by Ukraine of the fact that murder was ordered by the Russian forces... the Ukrainian government and its amateurish law enforcement agencies have done themselves a disservice more than they realize. This incident - one more step to change of an image of Ukraine in the opinion of world community from idealistic pro-European democracy to a typical Post-Soviet mess!"


Oliver Kerro, Independent, Britain: "Strange revival of Arkady Babchenko is a gift for the Kremlin. After this history the trust to Ukraine will be put questionable. The Kremlin will be able to call Ukraine "storyteller" now, and all information which is given by Kiev will be called into question now."



The mat in one course – the West has lost information


I think, it more, than there is enough. There is enough to understand - the West, having endured an improbable kongitivny dissonance and shock, passes to the following stage - rage. One of most terrible "sins". which was so long and persistently tried to be hung to Russia there was just "a dissemination of fake information", Manipulation of gentle and vulnerable awareness of the western inhabitant. All the rest - "interventions in elections" and to that similar rubbish - only derivatives. And what now? So who sows with fakes world information space? Who manipulates? The best, pancake, friends of the West on whose protection he didn't feel sorry for either forces or means. Regional compulsory health insurance...


About what poisoned Skripalyakh now can there be a speech? About what "Beginner", the "shot-down" planes, "the Russian tanks on Donbass" and to that similar things?! You will desire to joke, misters good! Antics all this, acting, clownery. Author! And troupe - on bow! We, however, repeatedly also declared it. And all of you persisted, naive. The West already shakes from only one anticipation of a haughty smile on Peskov's face, Zakharova's jokes and Lavrov's jokes. And those vosposledut - be reliable. And if Vladimir Vladimirovich is connected to process...


Millions of money, laborious work of an agency and permanent members of staff of the most serious (not a couple clumsy SSU!) "offices", the inhuman tension of tinned throats of chernoroty western "diplomats" and hysterical work of world media on denigration of Russia - nevertheless, everything is lowered suddenly in a toilet bowl, thrown out on a garbage can by one and only cretinic "happening"! What dope? What tests? What "political prosecutions"? It you, sirs and Mr., Lutsenko with Gritsak pereslushatsya. Never read the Ukrainian newspapers. What? And you any don't read! Also don't listen that they bear from stands of the UN and any there European Parliaments there, swinging the "Russian passports" spanked in underground printing house SSU near Berdichev.


To cover there is nothing. Cynical and impudent Russians will beat any arguments one and only "joker" - the photo grinning as the fool at own funeral Babchenko. For a long time, if not forever, the most beloved combination of CIA, State Department and other "sowers of democracy around the world" - "foul murder of the oppositional journalist \the public figure by the bloody criminal mode" is buried (subsequent "Maidan" or a coup in other packing - are applied). Now it is necessary to invent something absolutely new - and it in Langley is categorically not loved. But will ridicule in the following attempt, will ridicule inevitably!


Sharply - many times, on orders, the decreased degree of the anti-Russian rhetoric an essence the best for that the proof. As well as an unexpected announcement of Malaysia about non-participation of Russia in the crash of "Boeing" on Donbass. Ah, coincidence?! I am blessed who believes... No, in the British parliament still something like that is povyakivat, but it already more likely by inertia. And the enthusiasm special is obviously not observed. Sense?! The West has stiffened in dumbfounded and sad silence, at the same time it, being poured by heavy rage, has already begun to be developed towards Ukraine continuing to dance a victorious hopak on a rake. Neither Gritsak, nor Lutsenko for some reason categorically have wanted to tell the public that they had to listen from the ambassadors of the countries of "Group of Seven" who have appeared suddenly in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine in full strength. That not laudatory odes - it is possible not to doubt.


Idiotichny all in this situation looks, clear, Poroshenko. "Babchenko's business" he has buried even the most illusive hopes for own second term. From a word - "absolutely". Do you think, the president of Germany will forgive to this clown the fact that that has involved him in a group clownery with special cynicism? And in the same way - all other world leaders. However, the most important is that the whole world was finally and irrevocably convinced - Ukraine the idiot is at the helm. Clinical. full, and that the most terrible for the West - unpredictable and absolutely uncontrollable. All is a final diagnosis, it is a sentence. The West is ready to stand in own "banana republics" in power any bastards - but only not such which at any time can otmochit anything. This - can...



The mat in one course – the West has lost information


Won't forgive Poroshenko, naturally, and the fact that he at one stroke as the stool from under the hanged man's legs, has knocked out Ukraine from under the West as the main argument in the anti-Russian promotion and the anti-Russian policy. And, moreover... And how after "has put Babchenko" "business of execution of the Maidan" looks?! And all talk on non-participation in a coup of 2014 in Ukraine of the western intelligence agencies and other state institutes? The cretin Poroshenko, flying to an abyss, tries to drag off for itself too many "powers that be" there. Naturally - the Western world.


The most interesting that in Ukraine really haven't understood yet THAT uchudit. As it became known right now, "the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria has addressed local media on the eve of the visit of the Russian president Vladimir Putin with an appeal "to bring up Sentsov's question". "Sentsov's business - a good opportunity for Austria to prove the real political intermediary and the humanistic European state which is ready to stand up for one separate life. Putin's visit to Vienna planned for June 5, for certain, will give such ​​ the chance", - it is said in the corresponding address. They still expect that the West will conduct for them and for them information war against Russia!


And it - after this war has been lost by Kiev on behalf of all West literally in one dull and ridiculous course. No, the human nonsense, truly, is boundless!

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