The Interesting Facts From The World Of Genetics

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The Interesting Facts From The World Of Genetics

The genetics is studying a human genome (or the sequence of chains of DNA) science. Science this quite young because the genome has been deciphered relatively recently. But opportunities geneticists leave far beyond modern medicine.

Knowing the reason of diseases and other human characteristics at the level of genetics, it is possible to cure them and to change forever in a germ of the person. Of course, such approach won't sustain ethical criticism, but in the future everything can turn over.

The fundamentals of genetics are a studying of the human genome ciphered in each cage of a code which defines her development. It is known that DNA of people inherits, but he receives it a little modified.

Having complete idea of work of a code, the person could track a way of her development from the beginning and also glance in the future of a code of the specific person and his children. So, now about the interesting facts from the world of genetics.

5. Daughters of men of geniuses will take from the father exactly a half him to genius, and the son will take everything. If the father is rather stupid, then in this case the daughter will also be half same. Therefore there are almost no ingenious women, also as well as there are no female idiots for 100 percent. But there is a lot of geniuses and male numskulls. From there is both a generation of single mothers, and loser drunks, and Nobel laureates whose male vast majority.

So, conclusions for men:

Conclusions for women:

Believe that the main indicator of increase in life expectancy is that modern elderly people live longer. But in fact all not so.

Huge, main and strategically important indicator of increase in life expectancy is that the old age begins much later today and not that it proceeds longer.

Those to whom today 40, 50 or 55 years to face an old age approximately in 75 years. It is one quarter of the century more, than she came to generation of our parents. Quite recently in life of any person there were three main periods, namely: youth, maturity and old age. Today the maturity comes in 50 years, and the beginning of the new, earlier not existing stage in human life marks.

What do we know about this stage?

1. It lasts long very much, nearly 30 years (approximately from 50 to 75 years).

2. Unlike the previous realities, today intellectual and physical capacities of the person at right approach not just don't decrease, and, at least, remain not worse, and sometimes and better, than in youth.

3. Today it is the best and the most qualitative period in human life as it combines in itself(himself) forces, health and life experience. It is impossible to tell about such people more "if youth knew if the old age could". On numerous statistical observations this happiest time in human life.

4. Those people to whom today 55 – 65 years, the first in the history live this period. Earlier he didn't exist as people began to grow old much earlier.

5. In the nearest future people of age of 50-75 years will become the most numerous group on the planet.

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