The Girl Walked On The Seashore, Suddenly She Has Seen A Ring. This Find Has Changed All Her Life!

Published by contentmonster @ July 6th at 11:39am

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The Girl Walked On The Seashore, Suddenly She Has Seen A Ring. This Find Has Changed All Her Life!

Two years ago we went with the girlfriend to the sea. In advance, even in the winter, reserved a room in a small private otelchik – we were also there last summer, it was pleasant. Chistenko, comfortably, to the sea of 300 m, the beach very good, not crowded, the hostess greatly prepares and on money – it is better for students and you won't think up.

Generally, floated, sunbathed, have perfectly had a rest. And here, in the last evening before departure home, left to the sea – to take a walk finally, to admire a decline. People aren't enough and so well. The girlfriend has got still to swim for a while, and I to myself walk along a water edge.

And here I see – in sand something I have sparkled. I lift – a ringlet gold, with diamond, obviously very expensive. Inside the man's name – Mark is engraved.

To me even breath has intercepted! I have looked round on the parties – nobody looks for precisely. I have waited the girlfriend, I have shown a find, we consult what to do. We know that it is better not to take the found jewelry to itself, but not to throw out it back in the sea!

Generally, have solved – we take away with ourselves, and then we will try to find somehow on the Internet the owner.

At six in the morning we take the train. In a compartment with us one more woman of years of 50, very pleasant, and the man – he was filled up on the top shelf to sleep and all road prodry there at once.

Here-there, all sleepy, have still had a sleep, then have got to talking with the woman – she too in the same settlement had a rest – the son has presented two weeks of the resort.

Everything is excellent, there was only at her big trouble – the wedding ringlet was lost which the dead three years ago the husband on a wedding has presented her. Also describes exactly that ringlet that I have found.

Speaks, very valuable it for her was, there still the name of the husband is engraved – Mark. And her name – at him on a ringlet. It in a casket lies at home now. Before death I have removed and I have ordered to protect as a sign of love.

This woman told everything with tears in eyes. We with the girlfriend have exchanged glances, I have silently got into a backpack, I extend this ringlet and I put on a table before the struck woman. She was extremely happy!!!

All other road I told us stories from life with the husband, I asked that we and as. On arrival have exchanged phones, she invited on a visit, have promised to come.

In three days to us the young man – the son of that woman has come to the rental apartment. He has come to thank for mother. Also I have decided to give us with the girlfriend a gift. As we didn't refuse, but it was necessary to go with him to jewelry salon – to choose as everyone on a ringlet.

And I meet Mark now.

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