Olen'ka Was 4 Years Old When Her Mother Became An Angel …

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Olen'ka Was 4 Years Old When Her Mother Became An Angel …

Olen'ka was only four years old when her mother became an angel.

That day of Olenyok has overslept longer usual as nobody awoke her. When she has woken up, in the house there was a complete silence. Slanting beams of the sun tried to break through through curtains, утыкаясь in monophonic wall-paper. To the girl it became terrible and, having pressed to itself the shabby toy hare, in one pajamas and with the hair tousled after a dream, she has carefully gone down from a bed. However, passing from the room to the room, I have found Olenyok nobody.

Then Olen'ka has decided to go to the yard. Having slowly opened an entrance door, the girl has seen the stooped back of the father who sat a porch, finishing smoking a cigarette. He has heard noise and has turned back:

— An antelope beetle — at the exit the father has said and has given to the girl a hand. Olen'ka has moved forward, and the man has seated her on knees, having rejected a cigarette.

— And where mother? The father has slightly frowned, has pursed lips and has heaved a deep sigh.

— She has departed.

— And when she will arrive home?

— Mother has departed forever — the Man has pressed the girl to himself, slightly shaking on a lap.

— She doesn't love us any more? — Olen'ka has ceased to finger a hare and has stood.

— Well you, of course, love. Also will love. But now she will live in other place.

— Where?

— In the sky — the girl after the man began to examine the snow-white clouds floating on blue of the sky which slowly floated by, adjusted by winds.

— Fathers, the sky big — I won't be able to find her there. The man has thought. Then, having picked up the girl and her hare, I left from the yard.

— I will show you how to find mother. Only promise to listen carefully.

Antelope beetle silently I have nodded, pressing to myself a toy more strong. After a while the father and the daughter have approached church. Having stopped before a threshold, the man has lowered the girl bare feet on the earth and has crossed. Then I have got a small scarf from a pocket and I have tied Olenyok on the head, having hidden a wild hair.

Antelope beetle never I was in church earlier. Despite a bright sun that shone outside, inside light seemed a little muffled. The father has got up in the center and has specified to the girl upward. Olen'ka began to examine intricate drawings on a ceiling.

— You see, Olenyok, angels arrive here. The girl has nodded. The man has lowered her on a floor and has left. Having come back, he has picked up to Olenyok on hands and has given a small candle which I have brought. The father has shown her the place where other candles already burned. — An antelope beetle, light the candle and put near others so that it hasn't fallen. He has helped her, and in several seconds their burning candle which flame slightly rocked from breath, stood near the others.

— While the candle burns, you can tell mother everything that you want. She surely will hear you.

— How?

— Angels will transfer her your words.

— I love you, mother — Olen'ka has looked at the father — now she knows?

— Yes.

From that day there has passed a lot of time, but also now Olen'ka believes that the candle burns so far, mother will surely hear her.


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