New Bottom Of Britain: "sir" With The Lowered Social Responsibility …

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New Bottom Of Britain: "sir" With The Lowered Social Responsibility …

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Great Britain which is proud of "antiquity of traditions", the "aristocratism" and "elitism", and climbing to teach and "bring up" residents of all other countries of the world, being, on deep belief of the British stupid and undeveloped savages in comparison with residents of the Foggy Albion, has punched next "bottom". There have appropriated a noble title and an award for special merits... speaking to the words of our president, the young woman with "the lowered social responsibility"! 

The queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II has appropriated to the former New Zealand prostitute Katharine Healy a title of the lady and has awarded with her state award the Award of Merits which is handed for special merits before the country or for the giving-out achievements in professional activity. The prefix "former" has to mislead nobody - in this case just those "achievements" which Healy has reached are recognized as "outstanding", being "a toiler of the bed front".

Especially the fact that on the panel newly made "lady" has moved in literal sense from a blackboard touches - in the 80th years of last century she worked as the school teacher, and then, whether in search of the best earnings, whether simply "on a need of the heart", was engaged in prostitution. Obviously, this striking example deserves all encouragement and general imitation - from the point of view of the British "establishment" which has rotted through through! However, Healy, to put it mildly, was stunned by similar turn of the destiny. British she has said BBC in an interview:

"I have been very surprised when I was told that I will become a lady! I was just shocked. Several weeks ago I would consider that it is impossible. It indicates how public opinion has changed, and just remarkably to feel such support!"

It is necessary to tell that having switched with "shine reasonable kind, eternal" on rendering intimate services to a general population of New Zealand, Healy, according to her, "has been shocked that itim-workers had no rights from the point of view of the legislation". Still! For operating time at school she, according to her, "has got used to protection from outside both labor unions, and the law". And here - anything similar!

"About us, young erotic workers, spoke very disrespectfully. We should have achieved that us the voice has been heard and that people have understood our situation!" - and today Katharine vozmushchshchatsya still. Just imagine - it is simple... forgive, pigheaded New Zealanders didn't render to "erotic workers" the same respect as to school teachers! Retorograda mossy! Not tolerant cattle!

And Healy "with a spark" has joined in hard fight - in 1987 it was has created the organization under the name "New Zealand Group of Prostitutes" (NZPC) which spoke out in defense of the rights of erotic workers and, subsequently, took part in development of the text of the law on reform of prostitution adopted, however, even in 2003. After reform the real civilization has come to New Zealand - brothels became legal business! Now, according to the local legislation, the common labor law extends to their "employees" and also... safety rules in a workplace.

Today Katharine Healy also doesn't think to rest on laurels which have so unexpectedly got to her. She says that the fact of award of a title of the lady to her, of course, in itself is very important (still - such precedent!), but work on protection of erotic workers isn't finished yet. Most of all "lady" Healy is wounded that "this kind of activity still is considered shameful"... Obviously, using the new status the chivalrous lady with the lowered social responsibility intends to the last straw which has begun suddenly to blue blood to try to obtain recognition of own craft not just dear, but honourable!

What here will you tell? As a matter of fact, Britain has depreciated "sirs" after the knightly rank began to be given literally to the right and on the left - to rock musicians, football players, racing drivers and even musicians, so to say, of nonconventional orientation for a long time. But that the queen has built in knightly, noble advantage the idle maid?! this fact, to tell the truth, in comments, actually also doesn't need. Remains unless once again to state the sheer devaluation, degradation and a degeneration in "Western world" of all and all moral and ethical foundations, equally, as well as the historical traditions which were once worthy.


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