Life And Death Of The Fantast Alexander Belyaev

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Life And Death Of The Fantast Alexander Belyaev

134 years ago, the science fiction writer Alexander Romanovich Belyaev was born on March 16, 1884.

The famous Soviet fantast Alexander Belyaev is called "Russian Jules Vernom". Which of us at teenage age didn't become engrossed in reading of "Amphibian Person" and "-Headed professor Douel"? Meanwhile, in life of the writer there was a lot of strange and unclear. Despite his glory, still it is definitely not known how he has died and where it is buried …

Alexander Belyaev was born on March 16 in 1884 in family of the priest. The father has sent the son to theological seminary, however, having graduated from it, that didn't begin to continue religious education, and has come to Demidovsky lyceum in Yaroslavl. He was going to become a lawyer. Soon Sasha's father has died, the family was under strained circumstances and to continue training, the young man has been forced to earn additionally — to give lessons, to draw scenery for theater, to play a violin in circus orchestra. The considerable part of the life of the young man was connected with theater which he loved since the childhood. He could act as both the playwright, and the director, and the actor. The private theatricals of Belyaev in Smolensk used broad popularity, went on tour not only around the city, but also on his vicinities.

Once, during arrival to Smolensk of capital troupe under the leadership of Stanislavsky, A. Belyaev managed to replace the sick actor — to play instead of that in several performances. Success was full, K. Stanislavsky even has suggested A. Belyaev to remain in troupe, however he for the unknown reason has refused. In the childhood Sasha has lost the sister: Nina has died of sarcoma. And with the brother Vasily, the student of Veterinary institute, the mysterious and terrible story has happened. Somehow Alexander and Vasily stayed with the uncle. The company of young relatives has decided to drive by the boat. Vasya has for some reason refused to go with them.

For some reason Sasha has taken with himself a piece of clay and directly in the boat has stuck together from him the human head. Having looked at her, attendees were terrified: the head had Vasily's face, only his lines were some stiffened, lifeless. Alexander with disappointment has thrown a hand-made article into water and here has felt alarm. Having said that something happened to the brother, he has demanded to develop the boat to the coast. They were met by the tear-stained aunt and has reported that Vasily has drowned during bathing. There was it as it has become clear while Sasha has thrown a clay mold into water.

On the termination of Demidovsky lyceum A. Belyaev I have received a position of the private attorney in Smolensk, and I have gained popularity of the good lawyer soon. He had had constant clients. Also material resources have grown: he could remove and arrange the good apartment, get a quite good collection of pictures, bring together big library. Having finished any business, he went to travel abroad; I have visited France, Italy, I have visited Venice. and

Belyaev steeps in journalism. Cooperates with the Smolensky Vestnik newspaper in which in a year becomes the editor. He also plays a piano and a violin, works in the Smolensk people's house, is a member of the Glinkinsky musical circle, the Smolensk symphonic society, Society of fans of fine arts. He has visited Moscow where he was tried at Stanislavsky.

He is thirty years old, he is married and it is necessary to be defined somehow in life. Belyaev seriously thinks of moving to the capital where it will be easy to him to settle. But at the end of 1915 the disease suddenly falls upon him. For the young and strong man to fall the world. Doctors long couldn't define his illness and when have found out, it has turned out that it is backbone tuberculosis. During an old disease by pleurisy in Yartsev the doctor, doing a puncture, I have touched with a needle the eighth backbone. Now it has given such heavy recurrence. Besides he is left by the wife Verochka, besides to his colleague. Doctors, friends, all relatives have considered him fateful.

His mother Nadezhda Vasilyevna leaves the house and takes away the motionless son to Yalta. Six years, from 1916 to 1922, Belyaev has been confined to the bed from which three long years (from 1917 to 1921) he has been held down in plaster. About these years when in the Crimea one power replaced another, Belyaev, ten years later will write in the story "Among the Run Wild Horses". In the spring of 1919 his mother – Nadezhda Vasilyevna dies of hunger, and the son – the patient, in plaster, with high temperature – can't even see off her at the cemetery. And only in 1921 he could take the first steps thanks to not only the will power, but also as a result of love to Margarita Konstantinovna Magnushevskaya working in city library.

A bit later he, like Artur Douel, will suggest her to see in a mirror his bride whom he marries if he receives consent. And summer of 1922 Belyaev manages to get to Gaspra in rest house for scientists and writers. There to him have made a celluloid corset and he could get up at last. This orthopedic corset became his constant satellite until the end of his life since the disease before his death receded, again I confined him for several months of to a bed.

Anyway, and Belyaev has begun to work in criminal investigation department, and then in Narkomprosa, as the inspector on affairs of minors in orphanage in seven kilometers from Yalta. The country, by means of the New Economic Policy, has begun to lift the economy gradually. In the same 1922 before the Nativity Fast Alexander Belyaev has got married in church to Margarita, and on May 22, 1923 they have legalized the marriage by act of civil status in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Then he has returned to Moscow.

In free time Belyaev wrote verses, and in 1925 his first story "Head of Professor Douel" began to be published in the Gudok newspaper with continuation. In three years "The island of the lost ships", "The last person from Atlantis", "Amphibian Person", the collection of stories have been created. On March 15, 1925 they gave birth to the daughter Lyudmila. In July, 1929 at Belyaev the second daughter – Svetlana was born, and in September Belyaev go to Kiev, to heat and more arid climate.

However soon the disease has again had an effect, and it was necessary to move from rainy Leningrad to solar Kiev.1930 year was very heavy for the writer: his six-year-old daughter has died of meningitis, the second has got sick with rickets, and I have soon become aggravated and his own disease (spondilit). As a result, in 1931 the family has returned to Leningrad.1937 year has concerned also Belyaev's fate. Unlike his many friends and acquaintances, haven't put him. But have ceased to print. Began to live there is nothing.

He goes to Murmansk and settles the accountant on the fishing trawler. The depression and intolerable pain from a corset surprisingly many yield absolutely return result — it writes the novel "Ariel". The main character puts experiences with a levitation: the young man becomes capable to fly. Belyaev writes about himself, more precisely, about unfulfilled dreams of the life. War has found family in Pushkin.

Belyaev who shortly before it has undergone backbone operation has refused evacuation, and soon the city was occupied by Germans. According to one version, the fantast has died of hunger in January, 1942. The body was transferred to a crypt at the Kazan cemetery — to wait in line for burial. The turn had to approach only in March, and in February the wife and the daughter of the writer were stolen in captivity to Poland. Here they have also waited for release by the Soviet troops. And then they were sent into exile to Altai, for long 11 years.

When they at last could return in Pushkin, the former neighbor has given by miracle the escaped Alexander Romanovich's points. On a handle Margarita has found densely navernuty piece of paper. She has carefully developed it. "Don't look for my traces on this earth, – the husband wrote it. – I wait for you in heaven. Your Ariel". There is a legend that Belyaev's body from a crypt was taken out and have buried the fascist general with soldiers. Allegedly the general in the childhood became engrossed in reading of works by Belyaev and therefore has solved with honor to commit his body to the ground. According to other version, the corpse was just dug in a common grave.

Anyway, the exact place of burial of the writer is unknown. Subsequently at the Kazan cemetery in Pushkin the memorable stele has been established. But there is no Belyaev's grave under it. One of versions of death of the writer is connected with the legendary Amber room. According to the publicist Fedor Morozov, the last thing on which Belyaev worked has been devoted to this subject. Nobody knows that he was going to write about the well-known mosaic. It is known only that Belyaev even before war by much told about the new novel and even I quoted the acquaintance some fragments.

With arrival in Pushkin of Germans also specialists of Gestapo have actively become interested in the Amber room. They, by the way, couldn't believe up to the end that the original mosaic has fallen of them into hands. And therefore actively looked for people who would have information on this occasion. Not accidentally two officers of Gestapo went also to Alexander Romanovich, trying to find out that he knows of this story. Whether the writer has told them something, or not, it isn't known.

In any case, so far it wasn't succeeded to find any documents in archives of Gestapo. And here the answer to a question whether could kill Belyaev because of his interest in the Amber room, seems not it difficult. It is enough to remember what fate has comprehended many researchers who tried to find a wonderful mosaic. Perhaps he has paid for the fact that knew too much? Or has died from tortures? Say also that the corpse of the fantast was charred. Death him is also mysterious, as well as his works.

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