In The Penalty Area: 9 Surprising Facts About Singaporeans

Published by contentmonster @ March 18th at 1:20am

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In The Penalty Area: 9 Surprising Facts About Singaporeans

They have the extended tea, fine for mosquitoes in the apartment and give to darlings plastic flowers. However to all strangenesses of Singaporeans there is a logical explanation.

■ In Singapore four national languages: Malayan (on him the anthem of the country is executed), English, Chinese and Tamil. But many speak on the fifth — a singlisha (Creole language on the basis of English). On a singlisha of coffee call kopi, and depending on a way of giving of drink add various additions to a word


coffee with condensed milk and sugar


coffee without sugar

■ Singaporeans buy a lunch, being guided by the rating of purity. Tents at the food court are divided into categories — A, B or C. The cleanest enter category A. But at many popular counters with big turns the rating of B.

■ Sell sticks for punishment of children.

■ Eat for a dessert haricot with ice and grass jelly.

■ Have "the extended tea" — it is so transferred from the Malayan Teh tarik. Tea with condensed milk is cooled, pouring from a cup in a cup from the big height (thanks to it the skin appears).

■ don't carry red and black in a month of hungry spirits — "such clothes can attract evil spirits". To take away the evil from itself, burn down paper effigies. And present to the died ancestors in the same way gifts — "money", "cars" and "houses" from a papier-mache. For this purpose iron barrels are in the yards.

■ Buy at an auction the right of possession of the car for 10 years (60 000 SGD). Separately acquire numbers and parking spaces (from the house and from the place of work), otherwise won't allow to use the car.

■ Give artificial flowers. Plastic — it is beautiful and durable, and the cut-off fresh flowers fade, reminding of transience of life. They are brought on a funeral.

■ Call the city of Fine City. It is word-play: fine means not only "fine", but also "penalty". In the country there are a lot of rules for which violation it is necessary to pay. For example, the fine of 200 US dollars can be paid for water in a saucer under a flowerpot — it attracts the mosquitoes carrying Dengue fever.

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