If To Go On Foot Only 20 Minutes A Day

Published by bloggystle777 @ March 18th at 7:34am

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If To Go On Foot Only 20 Minutes A Day

Foot walks not only help to reach from point "A" point "B", but also positively influence all organism. There are 6 reasons why it is necessary to come to a stop earlier already today.

#1. The cardiovascular system will become stronger

During walking of a muscle are reduced and actively pump blood on veins, "pushing" her to internals. Thanks to it it intensively circulates on a body, without being condensed. Thus you protect yourself from formation of blood clots, a hypertension and varicosity.

#2. Loss of excess weight will accelerate

Due to improvement of blood circulation of a cage are as much as possible saturated with oxygen. Speed with which nutrients from our food turn into energy depends on his quantity.

#3. Stress level will decrease

Walking helps to calm down and improve an emotional state. The matter is that the quiet movement leads to gradual alignment of a warm rhythm and decrease in level of cortisol – "stress hormone".

#4. You normalize a dream

The Canadian scientists have conducted a research of quality of a dream. It has shown that people who regularly go on foot suffer from sleep disorders less often: insomnias, long falling asleep and so on.

#5. Work of your brain will improve

Walking intensifies supply of oxygen to cells of a brain. Thanks to it the ability to concentration of attention, cognition and creative thinking increases. Besides, you reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease in the future.

#6. Return to normal key indicators of health

The speech about such things, as:

Violation at least of one of these indicators can become a harbinger of coronary diseases, diabetes and other problems with health. Even short walk on foot is a qualitative aerobic loading which reduces their risk.

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