From The Beginner To "a Wolf With The Wall Street": How To Grow Up The Seller By Means Of Elearning

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Do you know, than differs plafonds with opaque glass from usual, transparent? For example, the fact that give softer light. And there is a glass to a crystal crumb, the galvanized glass, glass to a krakelirovaniye. The staff of the retailer MW-Light specializing in sale of decorative lamps is obliged to know all nuances about each type of glass. "To be more successful than competitors, it is necessary to be cleverer" — the project manager of distance learning of MW-Light Lana Vinogradova is sure. It is fair for any company, not important, than it trades.

In the MW-Light company more than a year use distance learning (e-Learning) for sales managers. The most part of online courses concerns technical features of goods. In assortment at the company of 300 collections of lamps, in everyone — from 10 to 100 models. And in a year the ruler can be updated for 35%. A similar situation and at the Honeywell company: her production is applied in a set of spheres — from construction and medicine before oil processing and aero astronautics. Honeywell has decided to use distance learning too. Have acted also in Baltika this way — the Russian brewing giant.

Now in Russia, according to a research of Higher School of Economics and Public opinion fund, the volume of a corporate segment of online education is 3 billion rubles. "This year just boom of interest in distance learning" — Yury Uskov, the founder of the iSpring company specializing in products for distance learning tells.

According to him, e-Learning gives to business several advantages. First, cut in expenditure on training — for example, payment of flights and hotels for trainers. Secondly, it is possible to maintain awareness of a large number of employees, both the central office, and branches at one level. Thirdly, it is possible to train quicker personnel in new products of the company, access to online courses is open at any time.

So, for example, MW-Light has reduced the cost of training of the employee from 3 900 to 179 rubles, Honeywell train the new sales manager in three weeks instead of eight now. And in Baltika in three months after introduction of distance learning it became noticeable that beginners adapt in the company quicker. How to repeat their success?

To distance learning of the company come because of common problems: several branches in the different cities and, as a result, the business coaches who aren't getting out of business trips or constant delegations of employees in the training center, usually to Moscow. Long, expensively and not really effectively. "When we have opened representations in Samara, Ufa and Minsk, have rejected an internal format of training of recruits at once. Employees should live for two months in Moscow" — the administrator of Honeywell training center Igor Gaponov tells. MW-Light in general works in 36 countries, and Baltika has eight plants and nearly 80 sales offices through the whole country.

What changes with introduction of remote education? "We haven't refused resident instruction. eLearning is not replacement, but addition" — the manager on development of motivational programs of Baltika Darya Noskova says. Internal classes with the business coach often can't be given. And in time between seminars of knowledge are forgotten. Remote education, in fact, allows not to forget what the business coach taught to and to study new in free time. "When you drive the car, you drive it already intuitively. And here all nuances of the theory to be forgotten, and not the fact that you will pass from the first examination of traffic regulations. Also and in work. e-Learning just that tool which allows to repeat a theoretical part" — Noskova explains. Lana Vinogradova from MW-Light agrees with her: "It is necessary to follow the closed cycle Flask: the employee takes a course, receives feedback, analyzes results. Only in that case he will learn something new".

Follows from practice of all three companies that in some look all have training materials. It is only necessary to adapt them under a format of distance learning. In other words — a question in how to turn office instructions, catalogs and descriptions into online courses.

As Igor Gaponov from Honeywell tells, first of all he has uploaded catalogs of products, corporate instructions, instructions for application on the educational portal. And then I have digitized the presentations of products of the company and by means of the editor of iSpring I have made of them an electronic course. "I didn't need to create a course from scratch. Was to add video, dialogue exercise machines or the test to a selection of slides enough to begin training" — Gaponov says.

Yury Uskov confirms: courses on the range of the company do first of all. "At us 85% of clients are a business sector. The main inquiry here — courses in which advantage of separate goods, its property and feature are in detail painted. Having studied such material, the seller will be able to tell the client in all details about a novelty already tomorrow".

In Baltika have gone on other way — have begun with tools for sellers. The company has released a videocourse how to use system for work with clients "Monolith".

"The basis of this videocourse was formed by usual screenshots of system from the smartphone. It is so more convenient to show the movements and actions. Format convenient" — Noskova tells. Baltika had two following courses about standards of work and understanding of business of the company. Both are aimed at beginners. To estimate their efficiency so far early. Distance learning in service of sales began to be developed actively only in November, 2017. "But I can tell that recently the new employee has come, literally couple of days I studied courses, and I had already had a feeling that we talk to him in one language" — Noskova tells.

First steps behind. Now it is necessary to form base of the training courses. There are two main directions. The first — the courses telling about goods and services. They are suitable not only for sales managers, but also for other employees. "Technical instructions can quite be used as cribs during the work" — Gaponov from Honeywell says. The second — courses which teach sellers to communication with clients, technology of sales.

For the training courses the companies, as a rule already have a knowledge base. If isn't present, then to help create her technical experts or skilled sellers can. In Honeywell, MW-Light and Baltika electronic courses are just developed by the staff of the company. "We had clients who ordered courses from the third-party agencies. But nobody is better than people in the company doesn't know their business. The courses developed independently bring much more benefit" — Yury Uskov explains. According to him, iSpring, have not only a platform for training expansion, but also experts who can teach to create courses. However people "from within" the retailer who understand how everything works have to collect training courses.

"We will explain how to start everything how to create content how to issue, but this their training, and they it drive" — Uskov says.

"Happens, you do a course, and there pass his units. It means that the most active have begun to pass, but it wasn't pleasant to them, and they didn't begin to recommend to others" — Noskova from Baltika tells. Options of courses can be much — video, the ordinary presentation, the dialogue exercise machine. The last is used most often for working off of skills of communication with the client.

But what courses are pleasant to employees more?

Where there are elements of interactivity and a game, Lana Vinogradova from MW-Light tells: "It is the most interesting — to play, poklikat it and at the same time to learn".

And here webinars at the companies don't enjoy popularity. "It is difficult to do webinars, and their efficiency isn't really clear. The employee can sit and pick a nose if to him it is uninteresting and if there is no control from that party" — Vinogradova considers. Igor Gaponov from Honeywell also agrees with her. According to him, the webinar is heavy expenses and big expenses of trainer's time. "The group is usually diverse, from different regions, with different level of training" — Gaponov says. Of course, two trainers can show model of communication and sort mistakes, but it will be very difficult to fulfill it with participants of a webinar.

There is also one more nuance — a certain format of giving can just bother. So, for example, was in Baltika. Before introduction of distance learning for employees recorded many video. "We had such rollers every month. Gradually people have got used to a format and have ceased to plunge into contents" — Noskova says. According to her, at the choice of a format it is necessary to recognize several factors — for example, the volume of information and as far as it is important for employees.

To create base of courses insufficiently. It is necessary to make still so that employees passed them. How? Here approaches at all different — from strict control to motivation gifts.

In Baltika for new employees have made a development trajectory — have broken activities on weeks. If the new sales manager doesn't complete courses, then he won't be able just to work — there won't be enough skills. But there is more to come. Control is important too. "We do reports for heads that they understood how is trained. It both testing, and the general information – who and when has come to complete a course" — Noskova tells. According to her, such information is enough to keep track of progress of the new employee in study.

In Honeywell — more free approach. Employees can choose what courses to them to take and when. But if they don't pass test, then won't allow them to work with a certain direction or with any clients. The system of testing was thought up by Igor Gaponov. Earlier tests passed on paper, now — in electronic form that has considerably accelerated process. "The test by tyk method can't almost be passed" — Gaponov assures. Secrets a little. First, in base there are many questions, and the employee in a casual order gets only part of them. And in case of a test repeating an examination questions won't repeat. Secondly, time of test passing is limited. It is made to avoid writing off.

One more option of motivation of employees — gamification. She is used in the MW-Light company. As Vinogradova, the employee tells, taking courses, receives points and badges. The more points, the rating is higher. And the best for a certain period award prizes. For the last competition handed gift certificates in M.Video, and it was possible to win the certificate for 40 000 rubles.

"The efficiency of each employee can't almost be measured. Can influence sales of employees a heap of the reasons – demand has fallen, marketing actions and other" — Vinogradova from MW-Light says. Gaponov from Honeywell tried to find correlation between progress in study and sales too, but there is no direct dependence. According to him, sales are influenced by too many factors. But he has found other dependence: the it is better progress in study, the degree of satisfaction of clients is higher. "Sellers answer questions of the client correctly and explain better" — Gaponov explains. — "But there is more to come. Those dealers whose personnel are regularly engaged and has good indicators on online training, as a rule give growth of sales every year, they have no falling".

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