Figures: Food Of Planetary Scale

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Figures: Food Of Planetary Scale

By 2050 the population of Earth will increase to 9 billion people. To support such number of people, the output of food should be increased by 70%. How the made food is now spent on the planet?

Annually on Earth 30% of grain, 40–50% of root crops, fruit and vegetables, 20% of meat, dairy products and 35% of fish vanish. The quantity of these products is equivalent on weight to a half of a grain yield which is grown up in the world.

900 kg a year — volume the developed countries of food made in on the person. It is almost twice more, than in developing countries where the indicator is 460 kg.

815 000 000 inhabitants of the planet in 2016 underate. Most of these people (489 million) live in the countries affected by the military conflicts. At the same time more than 650 million people, that is about 9% of inhabitants of the planet suffers from obesity.

37% of the Earth's surface use under agriculture. About 52 500 000 km ² (it is more, than the total area of North and South America) are taken away under pastures. And on 7 200 000 km ² grow up grain crops.

1 900 000 000 tons of a sugar cane are annually grown up in the world. Corn volume — 1 billion tons, wheat — 760 million tons, rice — 500 million tons, potatoes — 450 million tons. So the five of the most widespread cultures on Earth looks.

9,5% of world export of agricultural products in terms of money are the share of the USA. The states — the largest exporter. On the second place — small Holland (6,8% of world export). On the third place — Germany (5,7%). China (5,4%) and Brazil (4,3%) close the five.

3 900 000 000 tons of food are annually produced around the world.

1 3000 000 000 tons of products, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it jumps annually out or lost (in the developed countries of loss are estimated at 680 billion dollars, and in developing — at 310 billion). It would be possible to feed with a quarter of these products 870 million starving.

3 900 000 000 / 1 3000 000 000 = 3

1/3 products made in the world appear on a garbage can or is lost. On each inhabitant of Europe and North America from 95 to 115 kg of the thrown-out products a year, annually are the share of one inhabitant of Africa, Southern and Southeast Asia — from 6 to 11 kg.


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