Ear — The Present Map Of Health. Here What Points On Him Will Help To Overcome Pain And Fatigue

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Ear — The Present Map Of Health. Here What Points On Him Will Help To Overcome Pain And Fatigue

Ears as part of a body, many people underestimate. And it is absolutely vain. Our ears represent the present map of health with saving points. For certain you are disturbed by some sores, chronic fatigue or a depression. And for certain you tried to fight with them, but everything is vain. In this case the acupuncture — the direction checked by time can help with the Chinese medicine.

Perhaps, you didn't know, but in ears there is a huge number of the nervous terminations which are connected by hidden threads with each internal human organ! And if to be more exact, then on an ear of the person there are 6 important points on which it will be pleasant to press not only, but also it is useful for health. Today we will tell what point, for what is responsible. It is possible to pressure them both fingers, and some auxiliary subject, for example, a clothespeg. Effect we promise astounding!


Ear — the present map of health. Here what points on him will help to overcome pain and fatigue


1. First of all clamp the top of an ear. This part of your auditory organ is connected in the most direct way with shoulders and a back. Press on a point about one minute, and you will feel how tension gradually vanishes in a back which has terribly become numb and was tired.

2. Now clamp an ear bend top. This point has communication almost with all internals and systems. If something disturbs you (the stomach hurts, heart aches or unpleasantly pricks in a side), surely clamp a clothespeg or fingers the fifth point on an ear. Simplification will come gradually.

3. The following point – the middle of an ear, but is closer to top. This point has a direct exit to your joints. Often knees crackle or insufferably wrists hurt? Hang up a clothespeg on the 4th point rather and sit with her 1,5 minutes. At once it has to become a little easier for you!

4. The middle of an ear is closer to a bottom – a point number four. This point is connected with a nasopharynx therefore it is recommended to press her at sore throat or long cold. However, for an absolute recovery it is necessary to carry out complex treatment of a disease.

5. The point is directly over an ear lobe. This area is connected with digestive tract and a gastrointestinal tract. At easy indispositions or indigestion clamp a point number 2 for a minute. Only remember that this procedure won't cure serious diseases.

6. The sixth and last point – an ear lobe. This point is in close communication with your cardiovascular system and also with the head. If after day of work at you the skull "cracks" from pain and the heart plays pranks, then the clothespeg to a lobe already in a couple of minutes has to make salutary impact.

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