Ancient Soothing

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Ancient Soothing

Ancient constantly looked for new medical means, and have found the being turning from deadly weapon into miracle medicine under water. This secret has been lost … Till this time.

Since the beginning of history of mankind people tried to operate pain. From ancient tools of tortures which inflicted unimaginable suffering, to magic ointments which killed pain.

Today at the word "soothing" we remember aspirin and morphine, but in the 100th year of our era Romans have opened other means for removal of pain.

The terrible deep-water being is the cornerstone of this forgotten secret. The Roman historian Plutarch has described improbable underwater converter of pain – a rare kind of an electric slope under the name Torpedo.

Ancient soothing

In ancient Roman texts it is described how the people suffering from joint and legs pain were taken away on the coast. There they put legs directly on Torpedo back. Over time it became easier for them, and pain disappeared. In the Roman manuscripts it is said that Torpedo could cure almost any pain – of gripes to syphilis. But besides these descriptions in ancient manuscripts we know nothing of how this treatment was carried out. How did this dangerous being kill pain?

In Finister's aquarium in La-Carounia, Spain, scientists constantly study Torpedo. This is fish whose secret couldn't be solved for centuries because she lives at a sandy bottom, hiding from human eyes. The category of electric Torpedo is a self-defense, but it also uses it to kill production: he attacks, releases jolt of electricity in production, will paralyze it, and then completely swallows.

To open Torpedo riddle, deadly electric discharge of this fish should be measured by means of the latest scientific methods. Through 2 thousand years after Romans have opened electric Torpedo properties, modern scientists try to find out how she produces electricity.

Two electric bodies, each of which contain more than 5 thousand cages, form "power plant" of Torpedo. When fish stings, the brain sends to cages a signal of danger, and electric discharge is developed. Each cage develops a small amount of electricity, and a combination of many cages which work at the same time, develops powerful electric discharge.

Electric discharge of Torpedo is measured by means of an oscillograph which measures charge tension depending on time. Torpedo is a Latin name of paralysis therefore at measurement it is necessary to be very careful.

Torpedo releases electric charge of 20 V, is almost twice more, than the automobile battery. He has shot three times at an interval of 5 ms that can cause to the person serious pain. There is an important question: how have Romans turned this water weapon into anesthetic?

Gate of a spinal cord control pain and don't pass it. Electricity inflames a nerve, stimulation of this nerve closes painful gate, thus, the person feels smaller pain.

Ancient nothing was known about painful gate of a spinal cord and nothing was understood in stimulation of a nerve to weaken pain, but they knew that the help of electricity which develops Torpedo can reduce pain. Thousands of years later modern cars have only improved a way of treatment.

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