7 Couples Of Mental Diseases Which Often Meet Together

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7 Couples Of Mental Diseases Which Often Meet Together

Mental frustration are often shown together. Many psychiatrists in the practice note cases when symptoms are weaved into a fancy ball in which it is difficult to allocate one obvious pathology. It is difficult to tell why so occurs. In certain cases the reason in damages of a brain or heredity, and sometimes one frustration involves development of another. Each case is unique though many have similar lines.

We've made the small list of mental disorders which can supplement each other, and has given examples. Perhaps, they not only will interest you, but also will prompt what movies to watch in next few days.


This couple of mental disorders, perhaps, the most logical and obvious in our list. The person endures an awful event against the background of what he develops post-traumatic stressful frustration (PTSR) and a depression. The patient constantly scrolls in the head what has happened to him. He waits that something similar will repeat therefore he it is constant on a platoon and has a stress. The depression is shown that the person loses ability to enjoy life, feels depression and melancholy.

Example — the main character of the movie "Room" Joy. In 19 years she was kidnapped by the man. He kept her in the shed and forced. It is quite clear that the girl has got a psychological trauma and I was in a depression. In 2 years at Joy the son was born, and there have passed 5 more years before they could be released.


7 couples of mental diseases which often meet together


© Lars and the Real Girl / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Disturbing frustration is shown that the person feels the fear connected with certain situations in his life, but there are no real reasons for this purpose. In especially hard cases crazy frustration can join alarm. Begins to seem to the patient that he is pursued that something threatens his life, visual or acoustical hallucinations are possible.

Striking example — the main character of the movie "Lars and Real Girl". He is afraid of social interaction, especially with an opposite sex, and his alarm becomes aggravated when one of his colleagues begins to show to him interest. Lars buys a doll for adults and presents it to the brother and his wife as the girl. s crazy frustration progresses because he falls in love with a doll and begins to consider it live.


7 couples of mental diseases which often meet together


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These two frustration arise as reaction to the injuring case which has happened to the person. The brain tries to be protected, and frightening memoirs leave. At the same time the memory blackout isn't surely realized by the patient. Insomnia is the one more mechanism which arises as reaction to a heavy stressful event. It is important to patient to keep vigilance because it seems to him that the threat is real, and it is very important to it to be protected from her.

Has so happened to the hero of the movie "Driver" Trevor Reznik. He became responsible for a car accident, but doesn't remember it. At the same time his life takes its course: he works on the machine, meets women. The problem only that Trevor has very severe physical exhaustion (the actor Christian Bale has lost weight by 28 kg for this role), and still he doesn't sleep year.


7 couples of mental diseases which often meet together


© The Voices / Lionsgate

Schizophrenia is shown by nonsense, hallucinations and disorder of thinking, and dissotsialny frustration of the personality (or a psychopathia) — lack of ability to empathy, cruelty and callousness. It is unlikely someone will doubt that when these two diseases meet in one head, it very much and very hard case.

At Gerry, the hero of the movie "Voices", schizophrenia has been diagnosed. To him appointed drugs, but he didn't like to accept them. Just it was pleasant to him when his pets, the cat and a dog, talked to him during attacks. During one of them Gerry kills the familiar girl. The cat convinces him that now he will be surely put and therefore it is necessary to hide a body, and the dog says that it is better to be given. According to him, Gerry good, and him will be surely forgiven. How do you think to whom the hero has listened if to consider that he, apparently, had also a psychopathia?


7 couples of mental diseases which often meet together


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These mental diseases very often supplement each other, and both bulimia, and anorexia can be combined with a depression. One of them can cause another, but also both of them can be a consequence of an event which the sick person didn't manage to experience easily.

Has so happened to the heroine of the movie "Having Shared a Secret" Beth. From outside could seem that she has no problems, she enjoys popularity at schoolmates, studies well and is engaged in the ballet. But the problem of this girl is that it is difficult to her to endure a divorce of parents. She very much tries to meet expectations of the father and mother, but can't because they want from her mutually exclusive things. It in a depression, and at her is developed bulimia because Beth wants to control at least one aspect of the life, and an opportunity to get rid of the eaten food becomes it, causing vomiting.


7 couples of mental diseases which often meet together


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Dissotsialny frustration of the personality — it is actually terrible, the person with this disease isn't capable to sympathize with others. And it is even more: he is ready to accuse other people that he hurts them both emotionally, and physically. Such person very much loves himself and believes that he has a right to consider itself it is better than others. Narcissistic frustration of the personality is so shown. But it is the most terrible when the set of diseases leads to the fact that the patient becomes literally ruler of the destiny.

So was with Patrick Bateman from the movie "American Psycho" which just liked to kill people. s dissotsialny frustration of the personality was shown at night when he chose the next victim. And in the afternoon it was a narcissus which went with colleagues from the most fashionable restaurants in the city, brought the physical shape to perfection and carefully looked after hair and skin.


7 couples of mental diseases which often meet together


© Black Swan / Fox Searchlight Pictures

Boundary frustration is shown by such symptoms: the feeling of emptiness, aspiration is better to be or seem, to achieve perfection to draw attention of one or several people, tendency to enter the difficult emotional relations, to put itself physical damages. Obsessivno-kompulsivnoye frustration arises when the person has notions of compulsion and the related actions.

Striking example — the heroine of the movie "Black Swan", the ballerina by the name of Nina. She has the whole bouquet of frustration: still disorder of food behavior and schizophrenia join boundary and obsessivno-compulsive. Nina sees strange things, and it seems to her that she is pursued. Periodically she feels sick, and still she scratches the skin on a back where as it seems to her, wings grow. Her symptoms progress so if you want to see how the person slowly goes crazy, then watch the movie "Black Swan".

We have collected striking examples, but it is not the complete list. It is actually much more frustration of mentality which meet together. Perhaps, you studied this question too and at you is what to add? Share with us in comments.

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