15 Unexpected Facts About Our World Which You Never Heard

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15 Unexpected Facts About Our World Which You Never Heard

Everything can't be known. But and the facts, unexpected for you, about the world you will find several interesting in this article.

We are sure no matter, as new knowledge is gained, they are useful always.


15 unexpected facts about our world which you never heard


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Dolphins are sometimes similar to people more, than we can imagine. Authors of the documentary have noticed strange: teenager dolphins accurately chewed fish the fugue and transferred each other. The fugue it is known that her body contains a lethal dose of a neurotoxin, however in small doses this substance causes narcotic effect, and, it seems, dolphins perfectly know it.

And it means that with such speed you could download all seasons of all favourite serialchik in 1 second. In the highest resolution. But, as well as all interesting facts, have nuances here: such speed is gathered by internal network which serves scientific institutes of the USA. As huge volumes of data, move to NASA there and such record speed has been recorded.

Japan — the unusual country in every sense. To take at least such concept as "national symbolics" — it was obscure to the Japanese population. To nomar (яп. "the solar circle") has appeared as a distinction of sea vessels of Japan, it was necessary to use it also for communication with other states. Only in 1999 have decided to put the end to this question, have issued the law and have a little changed design of the flag.

To the richest woman of Great Britain success has come unexpectedly, but it is a fine example of the fact that money doesn't spoil really good people: the writer actively helps loner parents and supports clinic which studies multiple sclerosis. Thanks to her impressive income for Rowling there is always a town in various lists, except 2012. This year the writer has spent for charity, by estimates, about $160 million.


15 unexpected facts about our world which you never heard


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To open the bank account or to confirm delivery of goods, the Japanese needs Hanko — the personalized press. In certain cases also the hand-written autograph is now used, but Hanko remains in the main way to confirm the personality during transactions or bank operations.


15 unexpected facts about our world which you never heard


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The few lucky survive after lightning stroke. On a body of those who manage it there can be mysterious drawings which scientists call "Likhtenberg's figures". Except a body of the person, they appear on any material which interacted with high voltage. However the science still doesn't know the reason of origin of drawings on a body of the people who have endured lightning stroke. Likhtenberg's figures also poetically call "lightning flowers".

Scientists have found out that stem cells of the child can restore heart of pregnant mother. It is considered that this process has appeared during evolution. Helping mother's heart, the posterity increases also the chances of survival.

Opening explains why a half of women who in the course of incubation had a heart failure suddenly recovered by itself.


15 unexpected facts about our world which you never heard


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Surprisingly, as the nature sometimes there is a laziness and she creates a landscape with the help "to copy-insert". The lake Taal — the proof that the mother nature has a sense of humour.

Steve Jobs's life has already acquired a huge number of legends. Not all from them truth. The former employee of Apple has shared this history, and she once again proves that Steve Jobs was a damned genius.

When have brought him an iPod player prototype, he long twirled him in hands, but as a result has rejected: too big. The engineers working on a prototype tried to prove that it is even less impossible to make a player. Jobs has kept silent several seconds. Then I have approached an aquarium and I have thrown iPod there. When the gadget has reached a bottom, bubbles have begun to emerge.

"It is vials of air — Steve Jobs has told. — If there is an air, so there is an excess place. Make him thinner".

 To see as the eagle means:

The absolute record belongs to the Russian astronaut Valery Polyakov who has carried out onboard the Mir station of 437 days and 18 hours. We hope, it though will a little console those who won't be able to escape this summer in a holiday.

Fast food restaurants haven't withstood crisis and were closed all in 2009.

The fitness trainer Drew Manning has decided to put an experiment better to understand the wards. He has thrown gym, began to eat fast food and to wash down each meal of sparkling water. For half a year he has gained 30 kg and a set of complexes of which half a year was necessary to get rid. This experience has helped Manning to understand those who try to lose weight and why at them not always it turns out.

Long time Britain in large quantities banished violators of the law in the Australian colony. The first office of police in Australia has been completely created from prisoners who have caused a stir in good behavior.


15 unexpected facts about our world which you never heard


Walking in the German park, it is very often possible to notice that trees are numbered. It becomes to keep the list of trees in the wood. All information on a tree is entered in the list: age, state, look. It is necessary to carry out appropriate care of trees and to prevent their falling. Germans always so have an order above all.

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