15 Mistakes Because Of Which You Look Are 10 Years More Senior

Published by spicy @ March 18th at 3:49am

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15 Mistakes Because Of Which You Look Are 10 Years More Senior

Do you want that nobody guessed your age?

Then avoid to make these mistakes in clothes and a make-up not to look more senior than the years.

You can not notice it, but sometimes our age is given by simple trifles, such as boring accessories or inept make-up.

There are several misses because of which we often look is more senior.

1. The pulled-out eyebrows

Time of eyebrows threads remained far behind. Dense eyebrows everywhere are considered as more attractive and can give you more young look.

If in the past you tried to pull out them more than once, just use a pencil for eyebrows to fill emptiness. Also try not to apply creams and lotions in eyebrows as they cork follicles and hamper the growth of hair.

2. Bell-bottoms

Each of us is free to choose clothes to taste, whether it be classical style or more modern. However stylists advise to get rid of things which were fashionable several decades ago. Bell-bottoms look is old-fashioned and at once add to you couple of excess years.

3. Clothes not on a figure

Volume clothes even if it fashionable, goes not all. It is the best of all to stake on a classical jacket or a classical black dress which can be adjusted on a figure and to look younger and more harmonious.

4. Nail varnish of peach color

Mauve colors — not the best choice of nail varnish. Because of it your skin can look more senior, than actually and to give you ordinary-looking appearance.

Give preference glossy white or cream pink which give freshness to your skin. Also you remember that long "claws" for a long time not in a trend therefore rely on slightly rounded off nails of average length.

5. All accessories of one color

All of us have once acquired the rule that color of a handbag, shoes and a belt has to coincide. However such approach has become outdated long ago, and at once gives in you the woman of an old school. When you try to select too carefully all one color, an impression is made that you too try to be younger because of what you look is more senior.

Instead it is better to pick up one fashionable thing, for example, a bright handbag, or to combine a neutral handbag with shoes with an interesting print. Also you can try to apply the monochrome scheme, combining various shades of one color group, for example, pink and red shades.

6. Careful clarification of skin

In a pursuit of pure leather we sometimes too are zealous to get rid of the fat content which seems to us something dirty.

However clarification by too aggressive care products, strongly dries face skin because of what it quickly loses the youth. Sometimes it leads to a bigger fat content of skin, and as a result you can get teenage acne rash together with wrinkles.

Council: choose the cleaning means with smaller amount of ingredients containing useful fats. They, as a rule, cope with the task better and support skin elastic and uvlazhenny.

7. Disproportionate silhouette

When you try to try on on yourself fashionable things, such as trousers with a short waist, always think of how to counterbalance the proportions.

Wide trousers with a short waist or a long skirt will better look with the shortened jacket, a blouse without sleeves or the top which is slightly slightly opening a stomach.

The same rule is applicable on the contrary: a blouse with magnificent sleeves it is necessary to combine with a skirt a pencil or tight trousers.

8. Puttying of shortcomings foundation

Certainly, all of us try to disguise some shortcomings of our skin, but here it is important to be careful.

The plentiful make-up with a thick layer of foundation emphasizes wrinkles and the dim look gives to the face.

To refresh the person, just add a highlighter on the top part of cheekbones and under an eyebrow or use easier voice-frequency means.

9. You wear clothes strictly on age.

It seems to much that the fashion is a prerogative of exclusively young people, but it not so. Be more courageous in the choice of clothes and accessories.

If you want to try on a fashionable dress without sleeves, but to you uncomfortablly to parade a decollete or to bare hands, try to dress under him golf. You not only will feel more surely, but also you accent a face.

10. You apply blush too low

Blush, as a rule, applies on the most acting part of cheekbones. However with age, this acting part is displaced down, and blush will is unprofitable to emphasize your shortcomings.

It is the best of all to apply blush slightly under eyes in the most top part of cheekbones that visually will bring up slightly the person.

11. You don't fill up

Unfortunately the sleep debt becomes very frequent the satellite of modern life. The defective dream increases the level of a stress and promotes a set of excess weight.

But there is also other reason for which you should choose a healthy sleep. During a deep phase of a dream our body produces hormone of growth which restores and updates the damaged cages.

The constant mode of a dream will positively affect not only your state during the day, but also appearance.

12. Defiant selfies

Duck lips don't give charm to either young ladies, or ladies aged. Numerous researches emphasize that thanks to a simple smile you can look always younger.

Agree that wrinkles on a smiling face look much more attractively, than an unnatural grimace which you try to represent.

13. Hobby for alcoholic drinks

Alcohol deprives of us water, and moisture, as we know, is key aspect of young-looking and fresh appearance. If you drink alcoholic drinks, you need to care for enough the consumed water to reduce small wrinkles and bags under eyes.

Besides, alcohol reduces amount of vitamin A in an organism – antioxidant which helps cages to be updated. So once again think whether there is the next glass of alcohol of your beauty.

14. Too serious style

When we become more senior, we begin to give preference to comfortable footwear without heels to both other convenient and practical things. But it doesn't mean that you can't play with the appearance.

Having picked up the necessary silhouette for a figure, add several fashionable accents by means of an original handbag or footwear.

15. You carry only neutral colors

With age skin becomes more dim. And though natural and neutral colors help you to keep elegance, they can give you a faded and boring look. At the same time correctly picked up patterns and colors can change instantly you to the best.

Hint: the majority of shades of red and blue refresh appearance practically of any woman and will help you to look younger.

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